Serena Curran International

30 Day Unleash Your Wealth Genius

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• Welcome Letter

• One Genius Code Reading & Consultation:
Includes Identifying Your Natural Gifts & Clearing
of Your Blueprint Level Blocks & Restriction plus
intuitive guidance on manifesting your desires

• Written Report and Recording of Soul Blueprint

• One Life Situation Reading to remove any current
patterns: beliefs, illusions and other restrictions
hampering your progress plus intuitive guidance
on achieving your goals

• Two Intuitive Wealth Accelerator Sessions: Facilitating ongoing progress toward achieving your goals, making new choices, learning manifesting skills and empowering you to live your life your way.

• Unlimited Email/Text Correspondence to Connect Between Sessions

• Freedom to Book Your Calls to Suit Your Schedule

• Bonus: 30 Minute Check-In 21 Days After Completion

The Sessions are held approximately a week apart.
You are automatically energetically supported throughout the time we work together.
All Sessions are held by Phone, WhatsApp or Zoom.